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Icon and Art Commision Post

This is my icon and art commission post! If you want to see my badges, buttons and prints, please go to this post instead.

E-mail is Pixled (AT) gmail (DOT) Com for any requests / question you might have that you don't want to post in there.

Icon Commissions:

Icon commissions are made for LJ users in mind, Each icon is made from at least a 1000x1000 setting, and resized down to what you need.

Original icon commissions are 4$ for one icon, 3 for 10$. Icon edits like these:

Icon with bases I can edit like these:

Are a 1$ each.

Sprite artwork:

Sprites are made from scratch (see this sketch) and depending on the style and detail you want take anywhere from 2-20 hours. Prices start at 5$ for sprite edits.

Art Commissions:

I like to draw. I enjoy the challenge of trying to draw in a certain art style if the client asks for it. I love doing dynamic posing. I do my best to make my artwork as fun as close as what you want it as possible. Did I mention I am sucker for details? This picture might be old, but it illustrates my zen-like philisophy for making detailed pieces. I will take that time. I will make that time.

My pricing honestly depends on what you ask, the color style and the material you want. Designing a character from scratch would take more time, than say, having a reference piece on hand and telling me what you want. Usually, the price starts at 20-30$ for a full length drawing and goes up depending on the color style, background, number of characters and materials. It goes down if you just want a head profile, or a fluffy bunny or something of the like. I love doing fan characters too.

Character design is a not-that-secret love of mine. You can see examples at the bottom but if you've wanted to create a character but have no idea how to design them, I'd love to help.

All artwork is either made in Photoshop, Painter or Illustrator. Anything done in Painter and Photoshop is done with AT LEAST 300 DPI setting, sometimes 600 DPI and as large as possible to make it easy to print. Illustrator is vector graphics and I tend to use it for cel-drawings. This allows me to make a piece of artwork AS LARGE AS YOU LIKE. If you uh, ever wanted to get it printed out for a billboard or something.

I realize a lot of these don't have set pricing, but remember that all prices will depend on the piece, the type of color you'd like and the amount of characters asked. Also prices depicting nudity, gory scenes and sexual acts will cost more.

You are involved in the entire process. You pay half of the price upfront (or all if you'd like) and I will send you the first sketch. From there, you tell me what yo uwant changed and we go to the sketch inking that gives you a good idea of the colors I will be using. Then Inking, then Primary colors and finally, final coloring. Each time there is a change, I send it to you.

For 5$ more to any commission you ask me to do, I can get it printed out on a 11x17 or two 8.5x11 prints on poster paper at a professional printer. Prints with nudity and sexual acts will be printed at home using my high-quality Pixma Canon 9000 printer and cost 15$ each to make up for the ink and special paper used (This is honestly near my cost price).

Here are examples of my artwork:

Full body with semi-realistic color style and a simple background (Around 12-14 hours of work from start to finish.) Sketch | Ink | Primary Coloring

My little pony fandom smash crossover. A good example of making fan characters, with a detailed background. The ponies were made in illustrator, the background in Photoshop.

Claus and Lash escaping an exploding building. Two full bodied characters, detailed backgrounds. The explosions were made from scratch. Sketch | Primary Coloring

Paper Sonic. Sonic is done in photoshop, the background was made in 3D Studio Max.

3D Artwork
. While I don't offer 3D services as often, you may ask for them if you are interested, ask me and I'll see what I can do. 3d models are done in 3d studio max.

Mad scientist Lash: Half profile picture, simple background.

The four heroes
: Illustrator characters, 3d studio max background.

Character Design:
Skarmory Human Form | Pokemon Fire starters human forms | Male charizard human form | Sasha (Female shiny charizard) human form | Dynamic Sasha pose 1 | Dynamic Sasha pose 2 | Senshi character OC designs| Chandelure Human Female Design | Venusaur Female Design | Dresses 1 | Dresses 2 | Dresses 3

ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREEND for this post. Considering you may want things you don't want others to see, I am using this method to protect your privacy. You can also contact me at Pixled (AT) Gmail (dot) com

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