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Sales Buttons

E-mail for contact is Pixled (at) gmail (dot) com.
I accept paypal. Paypal is bof36 @ hotmail.com. If you order, please mention exactly what you want on the order form and wait for me to confirm before you send me money.

Shipping: I will never, ever screw you on shipping, I have always hated how some ebay sellers try to make some extra money with adding a few dollars extra to the shipping price. The price of shipping will be the exact same amount it takes me to send it over down to the cent.


I have a semi-automatic 1.25 inch button machine. It allows me to make more buttons quickly. All are printed on HIGH QUALITY PAPER and new prints are made on my Pixma Canon 9000. This is my home printer and it is INSANELY BADASS.It has 8 color printheads and comes out nice and crisp.

Gives you a good idea what to expect. Game Signs are actually my nerdiest but favorite thing. Videogames and street signs aww yeah. I also have them in 8.5x11 prints. More on that later.


I also love faces.


Prices for the 1.25 inch pins are as follows;
➦ 1 pin is 2$
➦ Buy 4 and you get one free.
➦ Buy 8 and you get two free.
➦ Buy 12 and you get four free.


The Game Signs are all 12 for 15$
➦ My Little Pony (below) are 3$ for both the pony head and it's accompany cutie mark.
The Eevees are all 8 for 10$
➦ The Faces [SET 1] & [SET 2] are all 6 for 7$ or all 12 for 14$
Mario Mushrooms, Metal Gear, Team Fortress sets are 5$ each for 3
Chibi Sushi or Chibi Heart Animals are are 5$ each for 3 or 7$ each for all 5
➦ The Generation 1 Gym Badge set is at 12$ for all 9
➦ The Portal Buttons are 3$ and come in pairs.
➦ The Avatar Momo and Appa set is 3$ or the entire set with Elemental Symbols of 7 for 9$
➦ The Captain Planet set is 6$ for all 5 elemental symbols.

You can find additional pins here that I have printed over the years. You can request any of these!

A few more of the pins I have created that you can order and pick from.

2.25 & 3.25 Inch Buttons

I also make hand pressed 2.25 and 3.25 inch buttons. These are a bit harder to do since they require me doing them manually, but the results can be fantastic especially for certain things. But most importantly...


These are 5$ each plus shipping.


Prices for the 1.25 inch pins are as follows;
➦ 1 pin is 3$
➦ Buy 4 and you get one free.
➦ Buy 8 and you get two free.
➦ Buy 12 and you get four free.


➦ The Red and Blue pins together are 5$
➦ The three pin sushi set is 7$
➦ Mirrors can be made in this size and are 4$ each

This is a closeup of the mirror. There was dust on it, I apologize each mirror is clean and there are no imperfections. There is a quarter on the side to give you a size approximation. I LOVE THESE MIRRORS they are handy to take out from a purse and it looks pretty badass to have something nerdy on them. I can put anything you want.


Prices for the 1.25 inch pins are as follows;
➦ 1 pin is 5$
➦ Buy 3 and you get one free.

Always keep in mind that I redraw the pins from scratch, this isn't just me grabbing a jpg online and putting it on a badge/pin the picture is crisp and perfect.

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