Hello Livejournal, friends, and anyone who might have been lead here.I'm super happy that you decided to look over my sales and see what I can offer you.

My name is Pixle and I love to make buttons, artwork and everything in between.

This is my merchandise sales post. If you want my art & icon commission post, please head on over here.

E-mail for contact is Pixled (at) gmail (dot) com.
I accept paypal or payment with paid journal accounts, although those are limited.

Shipping: I will never, ever screw you on shipping, I have always hated how some ebay sellers try to make some extra money with adding a few dollars extra to the shipping price. The price of shipping will be the exact same amount it takes me to send it over down to the cent.

All the Buttons and Pins you could ever want! Mirrors too! )
Otherwise the buttons were printed by a laser printer at my friend's workplace. They use an industry laser printer on bright white sheets of semi-gloss paper.

Tldr:I like my buttons awesome and crisp.

The more you buy, the better I can make a price for you. :)c Once pricing is calculated, I will give you my paypal address.

Prices for the 1.25 inch pins are as follows;
1 pin is 2$
Buy 6 and you get one free.
Buy 12 and you get two free.
Buy 18 and you get four free.
And so on.

You can buy the pin sets without them being a set individually this way.

But! I also do made to order buttons! Say you want your mug on a pin. Or fanart. Or anything. Each pin as such will cost you 2.50$ per model, 2$ for every pin after that, buy 6, get one free, etc.

You can also commission me to make a unique pin for you. In which case, I will ask 3$ for the fanart in question, plus 2$ for the first pin. 2$ for every pin after that! (So 5$ for the first pin since it includes artwork, 2$ for the next.)

I also do batch orders in groups of 25 and 50 which are a lot cheaper. However I require to be paid 50% upfront before doing them, and then 50% before sending them out.

Here are some of the pins I offer:
The Pony Heads come in a set of 8 (you choose which rainbow dash face you want, there is a derpy one included and not pictured) and cost 10$
The Pony Cutie marks are 10$ for 8 of them and you choose which designs you want, or nab all 12 for 14$
There is a special that if you order a pony and their respective cutie mark, you get both for 3$ Sets are Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike (Spike has a head and an profile button) and Derpy.
The Eevees are all 8 for 10$
Mario Mushrooms, Chibi Sushi, Heart Pandas and Metal Gear pin sets are 5$ each

As always, I offer the Gym Badge set at 12$ for all 9

These buttons are getting printed right now and will be in my hands starting Saturday when I can start production. Again printed on high quality paper: there are the original ones:

HAPPY FACE BUTTONS are 6 for 7$ or the entire set for 12$

The portal buttons are 3$ for a set and come in pairs.

The Avatar pin set is 5$ for all four nations Momo and Appa for 3$ or the entire set of 7 for 9$

CAPTAIN PLANET PINS are the greatest thing and are 6$ for the entire set that you can share with 3 of your friends and your 1 enemy who gets the heart power because let's be honest, no one wants it.

A few more of the pins I have created that you can order and pick from.

2.25 & 3.25 Inch Buttons (Medium and Large)

I also make hand pressed 2.25 and 3.25 inch buttons. These are a bit harder to do since they require me doing them manually, but they results can be fantastic especially for certain things.

Prices for the 2.25 inch pins are as follows;
1 pin is 3$
Buy 6 and you get one free.
Buy 12 and you get two free.
Buy 18 and you get four free.
And so on.

The Red and Blue pins together are 5$
The three pin sushi set is 7$
Mirrors can be made in this size and are 4$ each

This is a closeup of the mirror. There was dust on it, I apologize each mirror is clean and there are no imperfections. There is a quarter on the side to give you a size approximation. I LOVE THESE MIRRORS they are handy to take out from a purse and it looks pretty badass to have something nerdy on them.

Prices for the 3.25 inch pins are as follows;
1 pin is 4$
Buy 6 and you get one free.
Buy 12 and you get two free.
Buy 18 and you get four free.
And so on.

I have very limited models, but they are pretty badass ones, Franklin Badges, the Smash Sign, Samus Signal and REBOOT PINS: Keep in mind that I redraw the pins from scratch, this isn't just me grabbing any old gif online. the picture is crisp and perfect.

That's it for the pins!

Baddass Bookmarks! )

Bookmarks are printed on high quality thick semi-glossy cardboard paper made especially for this type of job. Each bookmark is double sided and printed on both sides. In fact a few bookmarks bellow (like the cat) show both sides of the same bookmarks) The bookmarks are thick.

Each bookmark is 2$ or two for 3$

For a 1$ more for up to 4 bookmarks, (So like 1$ for 4 bookmark decorating, 2$ for up to 8, etc) bookmarks can also be laminated with high-quality plastic (aka this isn't a stick on, it's the usual melting process), corners will be cut to give it a smooth look and you can have your choice of a ribbon and gem attached at the end.

These are my current models, but I have My little pony ones coming in this Sunday. Picture after this one:

The Ponymarks:

I AM SO READY TO DECORATE THOSE BOOKMARKS LIKE NO ONE'S BUSINESS. You pick a color and what colored gemstones you'd like.

Bead Sprite Art )

Hyrulian Chronicles )

Writing Paper! )
MAGNETS how do they work?! )

Stickers! )

11x17Prints! )

8.5x11 BADASS Prints! )
Food Mats! )
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